We have learnt from our journeys.


How about we embark on a journey with you?

Some of our experiences.


We have had the privilege to work in many industries.

We have so far enjoyed the journey and the learnings along the way.




    We have been part of the European Business Transformation leading the change part of the program.  Change Requests and Impacts were collected and had to pass a robust  governance body before action plans were determined and implemented within the different European countries.

    We have large experience within organizational and IT change management. We have helped STAPLES to define a robust change approach within a highly complex and sensitive environment. Together with the business stakeholders we defined action plans and control mechanisms for sustainable results.




    Telecommunication companies are leaders in terms of shared services and productivity gains through automation.

    We have helped Vodafone to set-up shared services by transitioning technical and functional services from the large service providers into their shared service center in India. Further we have helped Vodafone to transform their on- and offshore organization to reduce costs and increase their service quality.

    We have developed a framework to transition, stabilize and continuously improve shared services that can be adopted to any industry, domain and environment.




    DEA is one of the very few organizations in Germany that drill after gas and oil within Europe and North Africa.

    We have helped them to reduce procurement costs for direct materials, goods and services by running a sourcing program.

    Together with their engineers and procurement department we developed and implemented sourcing strategies to reduce cost and increase the quality.

    Nowadays we use that knowledge to manage internal and external service providers and related contracts for our clients.




    Fujifilm went through a major business and IT transformation within Europe for all three domains: medical, printing and imaging.

    We have helped them in planning and leading the program and managing the change towards a PAN European organization with harmonized processes and data and centralized bonded warehouses.

    We also helped Fujifilm to develop a framework to provide technical and functional support to their users while the same team was running roll-outs and carve-outs.




    Caterpillar is one of the pioneers of  6Sigma and TQM. We have worked with divisions of Caterpillar around the world, from a few gold mines in Australia to its head head office in Peoria on various 6 Sigma projects and other TQM related activities.

    We have experience in working in projects in the fields of manufacturing, logistics and IT.

    We also helped Caterpillar set up one of its first off shore or Global Team as its called in Cat in India for IT, Design and Logistics support.




    Metro is one of the few European retailers that is trying to embed the culture of Continuous improvement part of the organization's DNA. We have helped design the journey of CI and in the process influence both tangible and intangible benefits in the areas of supply chain planning, delivery, buying, IT, store operations etc.,  This program not only has considerable euro savings but also a huge transformational impact on making the stores autonomous by empowering the front line employees to make decisions and improve processes!