Setting up Shared Services is a journey
 not just a "Lift and shift" project.


Let's look at the value and path of such journey.

Why we believe in Shared Services
and in leveraging the world!

Flexible scope.

Nowadays technology, driven by industry 4.0, and market maturity in general, sets more and more the boundaries for offshoring beyond the traditional non-core business processes. We have set-up shared services »


    successfully not only for traditional IT and BPO support services but also for core design and development processes of IT and engineering organizations and we have seen this trend grow continuously.  In these cases not only capacity flexibility but also the extended knowledge bench has helped our customers tremendously to keep their value and growth path.

Value Proposition.

We have helped our customers set-up shared services offshore to unlock their value chain, leverage a global team and optimize their operational cost structure. We can help your organization achieve those targets by leveraging our »


    experience in creating and executing strategies that allow your onshore organization to focus on innovation than transactional tasks.

We care.

While most traditional off shoring consulting companies do what we do, what sets us apart is the people aspect, we create suitable team offshore that also feels valued and engaged! We focus tremendously on creating high »


    performing teams that you can count on! Soon enough you realize that you have created a global counterpart in every sense!

Model of success.

Offshoring is a fantastic win-win solution for the onshore and offshore organization.  We put people at the heart of how we do things. We build teams that work hand in hand to create and execute seamless transitions. If you »


    have not done any outsourcing, offshoring or insourcing yet, we could talk to see how we can create solutions that open this avenue for you to unlock value potentials. Even better if you have tried your hand at it and have run into roadblocks, so have we… and that’s what made our learning possible!

Our Shared Service Portfolio.

Transition Management.

We manage the service transition while you focus on your daily business.

Over the last 10 years we have developed a robust and proven transition methodology to ensure that your daily business is not impacted while we move and ramp-up your services. We have applied the methodology within IT, BPO and Engineering environments.

Location Identification and Set-up.

We scout and evaluate the best fit to purpose location for your organization depending on your service scope, its demand and forecast.

We elaborate different options from owning, over renting to ready to use facilities and evaluate those according to your needs.

Feasibility Study.

Before moving into any business transformational program we recommend to perform a feasibility study.

The outcome of the study will not only provide you with a clear target, strategy and plan but also deliver full transparency in terms of benefits and costs.

Project and Program Management.

We have managed many transformational programs for our customers: from implementing ERP systems, running sourcing programs to improving processes.