Our structured transformation approach to set-up Shared Services.


Robust and proven methodology.

Location Identification and Set-up.

Building the infrastructure for the offshore center.

We have our footprint in Central Europe, Eastern Europe and India.

Within those areas we have local resources and partners that not only provide up to date real estate and legal & tax advice but also an inside into infrastructural development changes and constraints.

We have our footprint in Central Europe, Eastern Europe and India.

Finding the right location with our partners.

A place like India has many views! We see poverty and prosperity hand in hand, it is a place where traveling 5 kilometers could take you 1 hour and it is also a place that hosts some of the fanciest office campuses in the world. There are cities where infrastructure is set just so »


    as to lure the west and then there are some that are just in the development phase giving unique cost and first mover advantage! We have traveled, lived and worked in India! We have helped companies set up global offices there. From knowing the local ways of how things work to getting special economic concessions via the government we have partners that can help us in all facets of a facility set up.

Collaboration culture.

We target to set-up your organization in such a way that your on and off shore teams collaborate virtually from the start. From recruiting key positions early and setting-up an effective governance structure to continuously improving organization we help you create robust processes. – Some of the things more that  we look at – talent pool, »


    language, competition, logistics, scalability, future economic developments, etc.

Feasibility Study.

Our approach: From the Idea to the Plan.

Flexible delivery model.

What is your best fit-to-purpose delivery model?

The delivery model is an outcome of the sourcing strategy in which we elaborate the best way for your organization to source the services in scope. The options range from single  tower over multi tower to hybrid. Services can be sourced at one location, at multiple competing locations or at multiple locations to “Follow the Sun” workflow.

Leverage our experience.

We can host and deliver the services to you, find the best service provider for you or we set up your own shared service organization.  Within different domains we have done it for single processes to complete in-sourcing to building Center of Excellence to hybrid. For our customers we have generated Opex and Capex efficiencies using traditional as well as new dimension frameworks and tools.

Transition Management.

Setting up Shared Services: Our E2E method.


Transitioning services are transformational projects. As such, they require a robust change management approach that puts your people at the heart of the initiative.  Training and »


    Coaching become key enabling elements for the future organization. The management and leadership style need to follow structural but also cultural changes.


Knowledge management is key during both transition and operations. During the transition phase the knowledge acquisition and transfer accompanied by training material dominate »


    while during operations the operational procedures, manuals and rulebooks become key delivery preconditions. We can help you to set-up an efficient knowledge management supported by a tool set that considers the requirements of your employees working in a distributed and volatile environment.


Changes within your onsite and offsite organization demand for robust governance with clear organizational structures, roles and objectives. Regular governance meetings and »


    reports against the Key Performance Indicators and Service Levels defined are key on management level while on operational level collaboration and escalation meetings predominate.

The hidden transition success factors.

The focus up to "steady state".

Service transition and transformation master plan.

Our template master plan.

Setting-up a transformation plan as shown below and managing it requires multidisciplinary highly skilled and experienced transformation managers supported by PMO.

Project and Program Management.

Managing transformational programs.

Success factors.

Enabling your organization from a management and transactional level into a collaborative and out of the box thinking team are key success factors. But also building an effective Program and PMO structure depending on your endower and organizational structure are crucial.  Our ultimate target is to »


    build your own capabilities towards a self-learning and improving organization.


We have managed many transformational programs for our customers: from implementing ERP systems, running sourcing programs to improving processes. We have done this applying several different project management methods and frameworks as Six Sigma, Lean, Strategic Sourcing, »


    Design Thinking, Price2 and ITIL. We learnt from experience that while having a best practice model at hand it is more important to customize the framework to your needs with our experience and involve your counterparts from the start.